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15. Running a Sewing Studio with Jennifer Wiese of Workroom Social

October 14, 2021

In this episode, we chat with Jennifer Wiese from Workroom Social. Jennifer identifies as Asian and Taiwanese American, and in our discussion, she shares about her experience being a mixed American running a sewing business.

Workroom Social is a sewing studio based in Brooklyn, New York that provides sewing classes and events to teach people how to sew clothes that fit their individual styles and unique body shapes and sizes. One of the big events Jennifer throws every year is Camp Workroom Social, a sleepaway camp for adults who like to sew! Follow Workroom Social on Instagram @workroomsocial and check out Jennifer’s YouTube Channel: Workroom Social TV. You can visit Jennifer’s website at to shop her fabric line and learn more about Camp Workroom Social, her online class Sewing Patterns Mastered & other upcoming classes and events.

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