The Asian Sewist Collective Podcast

34. This Long Thread: A Community Episode

July 28, 2022

In this week's episode, we're using This Long Thread, a book by Jen Hewett, to guide our discussion.

Jen is a printmaker, surface designer, teacher and author. In addition to designing and selling her own products, Jen also licenses her work to fabric manufacturers and large retailers. In the press for her first book, Print, Pattern, Sew, Jen talked about growing up mixed race - her dad is black and her mom is Filipina, and Jen's experience as a woman of color in the crafting world informed the creation of This Long Thread. Learn more about Jen at or @jenhewett on Instagram.

In this episode, we'll use the questions Jen asked for This Long Thread to ask you, our community, about your experiences in the sewing and fiber arts world.

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